Friday, February 19, 2010



A year ago I, was blessed to find a friend, family and an angel. I will call her Susan.

Through my young adult life, I watched and listened how a family can be so controlling, because of there controlling ways Susan became of a victim of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

When she tried to confide in family about the abuse, they questioned her, they did not believe she was being abused.

Why, do so many families and friends question a victim about being abused? I remember like it was yesterday, when my family member said to me "what did you do to him, for him to hit you"?

How can you question a victim of abuse what there abuser did to them?

Susan and I have lost each other again, but the respect and love I have for her will be with me always?

My past abusers were not able to silence me! My past abusers could not get to some of my family but....They got to Susan.

To all victims and survivors of domestic violence, there are some family, some friends who will become angry because your voice is being heard. You're tell the truth, you refuse to hide and protect someone who did not protect you!

You are not alone, God is right by your side and those who truly love and respect you are right by your side.

To all Susan;'s in the great world, we love you always!

God bless,

Rosa Torres-Sadler